Friday, September 13, 2013

Visiting Arizona

My husband went hunting over the weekend after my birthday so I went to ARIZONA!
Look at my wonderful family :) I love them!
Look at Cameron trying to get Don. So cute!
Beautiful Keira!
Beautiful Mommy with beautiful baby Cameron!
We went to the hospital to visit baby Spencer. He is the sweetest little boy! I love how attentive he is, look at him looking at me :)
I tried really hard to get a picture of him smiling. This is the closest I got. So sweet!!!
Don brought this Puppy girl over because she was sick and he was trying to keep her alive. I fell in lover with her! She walked over to me and cuddled up next to my leg then would go behind my back and cuddle behind me. Randy and I were thinking about bringing her home. The next day she had passed away :( so sad!
Visiting friends!
This is my dear friend Kylara Marsh, I met her through Kevin. She is John Conover's Niece and works at his office. we hung out before I moved to Utah and have stayed close since. I am grateful for good friends.
This is my friend Krista Renberg, she was my assistant manager when I worked at Sephora I Arizona. I Love her so much! I truly believe that the Lord puts people in our lives at specific times for a reason! And this girl was one of those people that I truly needed! and I am so grateful for her!
We met in between our houses at a Barnes and Noble. We visited so long it closed so then we talked outside for a very long time. It is so hot in Az even at night so we cooled off in the fountain. it was so hard to not just lay down in it ha ha! It was so good to see that girl!
Oh and my bestie Chelsi DeWitt Ross! I cant believe high school was so long ago. We had some awesome times running around together in our teenage years! She is such a wonderful person and such a blessing in my life! We went to frozen yogurt and loved catching up
Mom put on such a cute family home evening! The kids loved it, she is so clever!
Don's family is living with mom for a little while and she is so wonderful with them! Mom is definitely the best grandmother in the world!
playing with these cute girls
She loved my necklace so I had her try it on
This is my favorite!!! Mom and I bought sweet home Alabama and started watching it when randy wanted to face time me. he found out that we were watching a movie and wanted to watch with us so he rented the same movie and we started it at the same time and watched it together over face time.  I just love my husband he is always down for the funniest things.
my sweet Dad is the hardest worker I know! He goes to work every day with a smile on his face and no complaints. So I wanted to capture this pic of my wonderful dad going off to face the day
Oh how I love these two people!!! It was a good trip and So hard to leave! I love Arizona and I love being close to mom and dad! But I have a sweet family of my own now and must go home. I'm all grown up :)


  1. I love your family! :)
    Heeeheeee! They are the best!

  2. Thank you so much for taking and posting pictures of Spencer. I have not seen very many pics of him and it meant a lot. Thanks!!!!