Saturday, April 21, 2012


We had a wonderful honeymoon get away! We first stayed in salt lake at the anniversary inn (the small one) we stayed there two nights. They were so fun I have never stayed at a bed and breakfast. I love getting breakfast served! So fun!!! Then we flew to new port beach California and stayed at a a very nice hotel. We loved staying in doors and being lazy, going to the pool and out to eat! Our last day we went to Disney Land! It was so fun! I love being married to Randy, he is the love of my everything :)

First time with NO training wheels

Emma is so cool! She Decided she wanted to ride the bike with no training wheels, so she got out there tried for a while and did great! Them she came and asked me for instruction and help. After that she was on her own, she fell a lot and got some good scratches but kept getting back up and riding. Even when the other kids went inside she kept at it. She can ride perfectly now! All ONE DAY!

Emma Cuteness

Here is some Emma Cuteness! She is the Funnest little girl! And she is soooo well behaved, she is going to be such a wonderful example to her brothers and sisters!