Thursday, August 8, 2013



 This was such a fun experience for :) I love being in nature and doing things with people I love.
We went to this family owned trout farm near Payson Utah. They are such a nice family, but the cool thing is they have fishing rods and bate already set up for you. the children help you with everything from teaching you how to cast to gutting your fish so its already to eat.
Dad teaching emmers to cast
We had a really pretty view. I love being out in nature!
Mark caught the first fish. I think he thought it was bigger ;) ha ha
Randy reeling in his prize swimmer
Then came my guy, the biggest of them ALL...Ok I cant take full credit for this beauty, the young man helping us cast it out for me then I did the rest.  It was so big when I tried to hold it up for a pic the line snapped.
 Emma was excited and a little nervous to reel in her fish (see her face). But we let her do it all on her own and she did it like a champ!
She loved fishing, she fished way after we all stopped and could have gone a lot longer. She started off unsure about it (like how to cast) but by the end was casting just as good as the rest of us grown ups. Something special about Emma is that she sticks to whatever task at hand till she gets it. we are very proud of our M&M girl!!!
We went back to Mark and Debbie's and fried up those babies! The small fish were pretty good, but the bigger ones where too chewy and fishy.


Randy loves to have hobbies and right now he is into guns and bows. He has done a good job of making sure we are safe and "loaded" :)
We went out with Randy's brother Mark his wife Debbie and son Mat to shoot there new toy guns
My wonderful sister in law Debbie. She is the sweetest thing EVER!!!
The boys getting everything set up
Emma shooting a 22
Me shooting the 22
I have lost my touch, I need more practice.
Randy and his saiga
The end

Drive in movie

 Randy and Emma have never been to a drive in movie. So we packed our car full of couch cushions, snacks, excitement and hit the road.

It was very cozy and comfortable! and the speakers where great!
The night was perfect! There was a light breeze that rushed over our feet. But it was warm enough that we didn't need a blanket.
We watched TURBO.
 She loved the fact that she was in a car. she liked to get out and dance around.
Happy Daddy! He loved the experience!
 I love family outings!

Pregnany take 5

Tuesday July 30, 3013
this is right before swimming.
1. I cramp all the time, this little girl want to GROW!
2. Wednesday July 31, 2013 I thought I felt her kick. BUT on Friday August 2, 2013 I felt her kick FOR SURE!!! and she has been moving around ever since.
I love feeling her move!!! although its different than I thought it would me it does not feel like butterfly flutters, it actually makes me sick a little bit, like actual kicks.  but it is still so sweet :) I love my baby girl!
3. Sporting the prego pants for the first time! :) yay for not wearing pants unbuttoned!
4. I woke up Thursday night to use the restroom and my shins felt on fire like a spider had bit me or something. Ever since my shins and ears have itched pretty bad. I am going to ask my Dr to check my liver next appt. There is no bites or rashes, it just itches.
 We are at Randy's niece Avery's baptism.
5. I got really emotional on Friday but was ok the rest of the week. These prego emotions are very unpredictable! They will bite you one day and not the next, or for a couple hours then leave.
Showing off our bumps.
6. My nausea creep up on me this week and kicked a little extra. I really hope that starts to be a thing of the past. I am still dependent on the Zofran.
7. By the end of this week I weighed 122
Its been a good, fun packed week!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Family devotional

We get Emma on weekends so we aren't able to do family home evenings. So we decided on Sundays we would have family devotionals. This Sunday we talked about gratitude. This has become one of my favorite family times because we get to feel the spirit so strong and we get to teach Emma things that we think are important!

Emma led us in a song while dad played the guitar. After the lesson we made a chain of things we are grateful for and have read one each day of the week.
 Emma loves to bake and loves to share our treats with our neighbors. So we decorated cupcakes and took them to our neighbors. 

Best best friend

Randy's niece Kate is 5 years old and sooo cute/funny!!! and She LOOOOOVES Randy!!! She calles him her "best best friend." It really is adorable and I wanted to remember this cute stage.

She always has to be sitting next to him or playing with him. and if he is ever not around she will ask me have you seen my best best friend? Kate came up to me one day after looking for Emma and Randy and said "your family is my best friend."

Kate's mom asked her one day "is Randy your favorite Uncle?" and she said "NO he is my best best friend." they really are so cute together :)


Blast from the Past

When Randy was in Dental school he got a motor cycle. In New York you either take a taxi or walk wherever you want to go. He LOVED his motor cycle and all his buddies got one to. He tells me stories all the time about the days with his motor cycle. Its a big part of his past, and hw cant wait till he can get another one.
When he left school he sold his bike to his best friend Mike who still has it. Mike is now selling it, we would love to buy it but we have no place for it :(  This bike was a BIG part of him for a long time!
he took me for a ride on his precious bike, I loved it!!!
And then a little blast from MY past! My friend Samantha Mineer, from college was driving through Utah and we met up :) We had so much fun reminiscing of the good old days! We really made A LOT of memories together that I will tell my kids.

Emma moments

So I have some random pictures from this week with Emma that I wanted to post. We just love having her around, we have so fun!
 when I was sick in my first trimester we stayed at Randy's moms house. and in the backyard we found a robins nest.
all the baby birds hatched and flew away except these two eggs. Sad that they didn't make it but they are pretty to look at
Emma was eating a sucker that had a grill on it. it was cute!
Emma and her cousin Devree made up a really cute dance and then put a concert on for us. They made these cute hats out of paper for their costume.
 out to eat! These girls are so cute!
So we were at John and Natalie's (Randy's brother) and there was a huge fly in the house. so I opened the sliding door to try and let it free when Emma run s up and actually caught the fly with her hands. I don't think she really realized what she had done till the fly was flying around in her hands. I quickly ran to the other side of the glass and snapped a picture of the prey and its hunter
This is the outfit Emma picked out for the baby because it matches her outfit
Emma came down stairs with a blanket and in it was...
...Our baby!!!! :) :)
We have a park by our house that has a splash pad and we love it!!! Its so nice because she can go play at the park then when she gets too hot she goes and cools off in the water, and so does mommy
behind us is the park, it is a really cool park!
There was this little dog and Emma just fell in love! She wanted me to take a pic of her and her new friend

Thursday, August 1, 2013

First time holding a baby???

Randy has a friend named Kish (he is the costume designer of the kids shows) and he has never held a baby before. So Randy's brother john tried to get him to hold hid baby. I thought these pictures were pretty funny

John chasing Kish with the baby