Wednesday, July 31, 2013


16 weeks

BOY OR GIRL???????

We called everyone and asked for their vote. Find your name on the list :)
On our way to the Fetal Photo place. We are all VERY EXCITED to find out what our little gummy bear is!!!!
Emma excited in the waiting room (with her big sister shirt in) while mom and dad fill out papers. The anticipation is growing!!!
When we got back to the room it took me a second to remember that I was the one that had a baby in my tummy and needed to lay down on the table. This whole pregnancy has been hard to wrap my mind around. Most of the time it doesn't feel real. Even when I could see my baby's picture on the monitor screen, then looking down at my belly I could not imagine anything in there.
here is our babies sweet face looking at the camera
here is babies bum in there air and leg stretched out
This one is my favorite, sweet babies profile
***We had a plan walking in today to not find out what the gender was till later...but Daddy couldn't wait any longer. Randy was so excited he said "I'm staying in here, I want to find out and I want to look and see." Emma wasn't happy about that because she was excited to be surprised the way we had planned. We decided to have her leave the room when it came time to finding out, so she could be surprised later. 
  Baby did NOT want to cooperate with us, it was sitting there bum straight up in the air. The ultra Tec lady tried poking at the baby to get it to move positions but it only kicked back at her (little kicks I still could not feel). So then I layed on my side for a while, which helped a little. Finally baby was in position!!!  So we rushed Emma out the door, she said right when she closed the door she heard me scream with excitement.
Afterwards when Emma and I were in the bathroom she kept saying "Mom just tell me what it is??...NO NO NO don't tell me! OK OK just tell me, wait No don't." It was so funny because she was so excited!
Emma wanted to find out the gender with her cousins so we made a stop at the tooth fairy shop to pick up some cupcakes for all of them.
we danced around the whole time we were there. Randy and i were full of excitement with the news of our little one and Emma was full of wonder and excitement :)
While we were there i stepped outside and called Joel my brother in law to tell him the news, I wanted him to be the first to know. When we found out that we were pregnant Joel called me to let me know he was sad that i didn't call him to tell him the news. Well it made me feel good that he cared so i wanted him to be the FIRST to hear the news this time.
I am so sad that I didn't get pictures of this next part. Well we went to the mall where Emma and I picked out a baby girls outfit and Randy picked out a little boys outfit. we admired both outfits then had randy go to the cashier and buy the one for the right gender. Emma stood in the corner so she couldn't see.
With our bag in hand; which held the secret of our babies gender, we drove to Randy's brother Johns house. Emma was beside her self with anticipation and excitement in the back seat. These pictures capture some of her crazy excited faces.
I had been smiling SOOO much that my cheeks hurt so this is Emma and I trying to relax our cheeks
We FINALLY got there!!! This is the girls "I wonder what it is" faces
ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emma was REALLY excited for it to be a girl. She kept saying that she would be happy either way because she just wanted a baby, but afterwards she came up to me and said "I was hoping it was a girl"
We celebrated with cupcakes
Girl parts :)
more girl parts :)
Next stop was Grandmother Mary's...I love this face when she saw the pink outfit :)
happy grandma
At the end of this all we were full of joy and extreme happiness for our new member to our family!!! on our way to drop Emma off she would drum the seats with her hands in excitement and say "I have so much excitement in me I don't know what to do with it." :) ha ha
It was a GREAT day and I am so glad that we waited for Emma to get back from her trip so she could experience this with us as a family!

Welcome sweet little girl, we could not be more thrilled to have you join our family!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A walk down the lane

So last Wednesday 7/10/13 we had an ultra sound scheduled to find out the gender of our sweet baby. I was SOOO excited, my emotions were so high. well one hour before our ultra sound we found out that Emma was out of town. There was no way we could do it with out Emma, she has been just as excited about finding out as we have. I knew we had to reschedule and my heart was broke. I went into what felt like a coma. As my sulking got worse, the sun was setting. For some reason that time of. day when its not bright and not yet dark is my least favorite time, it feels dreary. I said with a deep sigh " I hate this time of day, its so depressing" So my wonderful husband said "Well if you were actually out side you might like. Lets go for a walk"

This is not a very good picture.
There is this river/canal by our house where the trees are big and shady and there is tones of baby ducks. I love this little lane, its one of my favorite places!
We saw 3 sets of baby ducks, 2 beavers, 1 cat, 1 deer and 1 white butterfly. Randy brought bread so we were able to feed all the ducks, it was so fun! 
We found this huge dandelion and we both made wishes. mine was for a healthy baby and Randy's was to make enough money this year to buy a house.
It was such a fun stroll and just what I needed to lift my spirits. Thanks wonderful husband!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Tuesday July 9, 2013 
Week 15, this has been a good week also a week of changes.
1. When I got pregnant it seemed like almost right away my hormones were balanced. I know that's unusual because most women feel a little crazy and all over the place with their hormones. But for one of the first times in my life I felt balanced. I felt like a normal, at peace, in control person. This week I have felt more irritable, nothing too over the top but definitely more on edge. I hope it doesn't get any worse! ;)
It was Randy's idea to track HIS BELLY bump along with MY BABY bump.
2. My energy is getting better...but very very slowly! I actually think that this week I didn't progress much at all. I slept in till around 10 (sometimes not so late but other time even later) and my energy doesn't kick in till after 1. It takes me a LONG time to get my day going and I have to limit my activities so I don't do too much in one day.
3. I started eating raisin brand for breakfast and it has helped get my system moving! YAY!!!
4. My acne is better than before. I still get some here and there but nothing like before.
5. Something strange that has started to happen regularly is its hard to breathe. It feels like an anxiety attack, my Dr says that might be what it is and I need to carry a brown paper bag with me to get it under control when it happens. I didn't get those before I was pregnant and I don't fee stressed, it happens even when im just sitting calmly.
6.I have not thrown up in weeks :)
7. When I first got pregnant I noticed 2 strange things...first, the little black spots in my eyes were more prominent. You know those little black, blurry blotchy shadows in your eyes that you only notice when your looking at a clear blue sky? Well I see them all the time now. Second, my right ear echoes in my head when I talk. It happens every day sometimes 3 to 4 times. It is Sooo awful and annoying!!! My Dr told me some stuff to take, I really hope it works!
8. I only did IV one time this week.
9. **This part is for my own personal record, I don't think any of you will care too much about my weight. When I got pregnant I weighed 126lb after being so sick I lost 8lbs and down to 117lbs. I try and keep track of my weight so I know if I'm loosing, maintaining or gaining. I weigh myself in the morning with my undies on. this morning I was 117lbs (this week I have gone back and forth between 117 & 118) but at my Dr visit today at noon, it said 121lbs (with my clothes and shoes on).
10. just 3 days ago my appetite JUMPED TO DOUBLE!!! All a sudden I could hold more food down (a lot more) and I get hungry really fast after eating. So I think the little baby is growing Yay, I'm so happy! I still have to be careful about WHAT I eat because I am still sensitive to foods. It gets better with everyday but I need to be careful. the worst part about eating is the after taste and waiting for my stomach to settle.
This is the FIRST thing I have bought for our baby :) I would love to have lots of books to fill my house!
Over all I am starting to enjoy being pregnant.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 Tuesday July 2, 2013
I really want to remember everything about pregnancy, the good and the bad! I want to be able look back when I am pregnant again and know what to expect. Plus I think when our kids are grown they will enjoy reading all this stuff, even if it is not all pleasant...maybe ill get better mothers day gifts ;) ha ha! I did not get a baby bump picture this week, actually I did not take really any pictures. So sorry if its a bit boring and mostly reading. I really don't do anything exciting these days, worthy of documenting. When Emma bug is gone my life slows down.
1. Face and body acne! Not fun! I know most of it has to do with the hormones but since I was so sick my hygiene has suffered. I usually wash my face day and night followed by my skin care regiment. Well you can forget doing all that when your too sick to even brush your teeth (so you brush and floss every other night). The acne is all over my forehead, all over my jaw line like a beard, neck and shoulders.
2. When there is not much to entertain you but the walls is your house, you get bored! I only watch movies when I am REALLY bored because the TV movement makes me sick. Same with computers and my phone. I am so thankful for such a wonderful family and that its BIG, so I have many people to call and chat with. Calling family is my favorite thing and if one is busy NO PROBLEM because there is always another one I can call  :) ha ha!
This is my night stand . I will name the things starting from the bottom; in that box are my essential oils, next trail mix, graham crackers, Gatorade, crackers, tissue, fractionated coconut oil, regular coconut oil,  granola bars, vitamin bucket with my throw up bowl on top. oh and on the side of my vitamin box you can see two eyes, that is my pet lizard Jayden (my nephew) gave me a long time ago. He gave it to me when I got my wisdom teeth out, to keep me safe. It still keeps me safe :)
3. I can not eat very many things at all! I also can not drink very much, or it up sets my stomach. At this point graham crackers and trail mix is my main food. but that does not stop me from wanting food! I LOVE to look at food! Some nights I will stay awake looking at food on pinterest. I love baking channels on TV and I love to watch people eat. Ha Ha it is kind of creepy but something about watching someone enjoy food brings me joy. I also like to smell peoples food. One day I asked Emma if I could smell her burrito, she walks toward me with a confused look and said "mom this is really weird". ha ha
 4. I can not stand the smell of both our new cars! Its so bad that I make Randy shower whenever he gets home because I can smell the car on him. If we go any where I bring my throw up bag because the smell is so hard on me.
5. sometimes I feel so huge and so I run to the mirror to check on the progress...and I am still the same. Silly me.
6. I am sensitive to light and loud noises.
7. constipation has been the worst! I take a medicine called Zofran (for nausea) and it makes me really constipated :( So enima's have been my saving grace.

***Over all I am getting stronger by the week***

My friend Tara called me the other day at midnight and told me she was PREGO!!! She had just peed on the stick and I was the first to know :) I was so honored and happy! I am so lucky to have a friend like her to have during this process! This is both of our first babies, we text everyday about all the weird changes with our bodies and all the crazy things to come. It is so fun! I love her! Everyone needs a prego friend...when their prego. Also my sisiters have been so wonderful at couching me through this whole process. I don't know what I would do with out them! 
This week Tara and I got together and went to Sephora for new make up and skin care products. Our skin is going through a lot of stress and changes. I don't have the energy or desire to spend a lot of time getting ready these days. So to make things easier I got tinted moisturizer for quick and easy application (plus sun protection). and some moisturizing + nourishing concealer for those dark circles that have popped up under my eye (due to dehydration and fatigue). I LOVE my new products!!!
  This picture is with my niece Kim who asked me to go model with her this week, at a place that puts on plays. We were the wicked witch of the west and Glenda the good.
This is our niece Hadley and it was her blessing day. She looked so beautiful! She watched her daddy through the whole blessing with big eyes and a smile. We love this little girl!
Randy is so cute with her, he hold her any chance he gets :)
I put her to sleep. but the sweet thing is both her hands are wrapped around my thumb.
 It will be so fun to have a baby of our own!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Family Day

Today was such a fun day for me! I loved hanging out with my family and doing things I have wanted to do for a long time!

Of course the day starts off with me going into the hospital for my IV. I had a really crazy experience where I couldn't breathe, my chest started to get all tight and my head too. My head felt so tight like it was shrinking and I got really pail and dizzy. it did not last very long but was still unpleasant. One of the nurses thinks I had a hormone rush. -- After all that Emma and Randy picked me up and we went to lunch at a place called the porcupine. I know its just lunch but I had such a fun time! We all joked around with each other, Emma was so cute and full of play. I had a lot of fun with her! Randy even flirted with me bit, such a perfect afternoon!
Look at the difference between me and Randy. Living in Utah through the winters and not being able to go outside in the summer yet has made for very pasty skin.
As we were driving home I saw this cute park and told Randy to pull over. It had so many cool things to play on and it had a HUGE splash pad next to it. I had Randy run home to get our swimming suits while I watched Emma play.
Emma showing off my baby bump.
I told Emma to pose...and so she is pretending to be a statue...I think.
So the splash pad was kind of like a teaser, so we decided to go swimming!!!
This is a HUGE deal for me!!! All summer I have been looking forward to swimming! Its all I have talked about for months now and the day finally arrived. We went to the Lindon pool and had such a fun time together! 
Emma showing me the sun glasses she made with her hair braid.
After swimming. we went to the snack bar for some dinner
On our way home from dropping Emma at her grandmas we passed this house. They have a dead deer and coyote on top of their porch. They still have the arrows in them...ha ha craziest thing ever!
I tried to get the baby bump after swimming. 14 weeks 3 days.
well that was the end of a great day!