Friday, September 13, 2013

Look who came to visit us!!!
We LOVE Kevin, Heather and Saylor!!!
 Heather's grandma passed away so they came down for the funeral.
 We love Saylor!!!
These two get a long so good! they really wanted to sleep together.
 Emma was SOOOO excited for them to come visit! She kept asking when the were coming. We were at a rodeo when Kevin and Heather were ready to  see us so I wanted to leave early.  Emma loves rodeos so as we were leaving she asked why we were leaving so early and I said to go see Kevin heather and Saylor, she was so excited she cheered!
 Emma snd Saylor were matching in their pink dresses and so was our "baby" so we took pictures
 They are so cute! Saylor came up with the poses :)
 Randy and the girls were playing together taking turns chasing each other.
 As you can see they captured Randy
 Then he attacked back and chased them around. This is them hiding from him
 then they ran up stairs to hide from him. They decide to come back down...but in disguise. ha ha ha ha!!! Saylor is wrapped in Emma's sheep blanket and ba ba ba-ing like a sheep. While Emma is suppose to be little bow beep.
We love it when they come visit! They are the best! I think randy pounded the idea of them moving  here enough that they will be chanting it in their sleep  



  1. I love the disguises....little bo beep and the sheep! What a great visit...with some great visitors!

  2. I love that you caught the play-by-play on camera. The pictures tell their own story and it is priceless.
    Randy has fantastic morning hair by the way:)