Friday, September 13, 2013

26th Birthday


My birthday is my favorite because Randy takes off work and we spend the whole day together doing whatever we want.
My birthday morning started with a present!
 YAY!!!!!! I have wanted an ipad for a long time! I am sooo happy! Randy is seriously the BEST at presents!
 Then for my traditional birthday breakfast, Kneaders French toast. My first birthday with Randy we were dating and Mom, Debbie, Dad & Randy kidnapped me and took me to Kneaders (first time I have had their French toast). We have gone for my birthday breakfast ever since.
 I got ready for the day while Randy went to get a hair cut :)
Taking a bump pic in the dressing room. She is 20 weeks
 We went to the park city outlet stores and shopped all day :) It was fun getting some new clothes but my favorite part was getting Randy some new clothes.
The sun was bright red, I tried to capture it but the pic didn't come out very good.
We went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner after shopping all day (I could barley walk after). I had the hardest time choosing what to eat, ha ha! making food decisions has been hard during pregnancy.
 and apparently I ate too much because I threw a lot of it up :/ but then I had to have my cold stone ice cream. Then we watched world war Z.
 Emma went home the day before my birthday so I opened her present then. It was a sparkly dolphin necklace (Emma LOOOOVES dolphins) it is so beautiful and she was SO excited to give it to me :) It was so fun!
 Here we tried to get a picture of it but its an awful pic
 When I was on my way home from the airport (from AZ) my adorable family were waiting on the corner of the street for me. When they saw me they ran beside my car all the way home. I must say that was one of the best feelings I have ever felt, to see my most loved people on that corner waiting for me, then to see there over joyed smiling faces as they ran next to my car. I felt SOOO loved!
But it didn't end there, after hugging my wonderful family they brought me into the house where they had a surprise birthday party for me (because I didn't get a cake on my birthday, I choose cold stone instead, but I still wanted a cake :))
 they gave me a present...TWINKIES!!! :) my family loves me!
Lets just say it was the BEST birthday EVER!



  1. Your one blessed girl!!!
    It looks like the perfect day!

  2. Your belly is sooooooo cute in these pictures!!! you look beautiful!!!!
    Can you please tell Randy that my birthday is in October and he can feel free to give me an IPad. hehehe :)