Saturday, September 7, 2013

Daddy Day

When fathers day rolled around i was too sick to celebrate our wonderful Randy. So i decided to celebrate it later and call it "Daddy Day".

Emma was so excited about doing this for her Daddy! She looves surprising people.  While we were coloring and getting everything ready she was soooo giggly! she kept asking "ARE YOU SO EXCITED???"

I wrote 10 reasons why i love Randy for the wall of fame
and Emma wrote 10 reason why she loves her Dad
We set up a pamper station.
 My husband LOOOOVVVVEEESSS to be touched( its his #1 love language)- soft tickles, scratches, massages anything he loves them! So we knew this would be his favorite part :)

We then pulled out the side walk chalk and drew fun pictures for him. Can you see the pic of our family on the first step, its really light. Then Emma wrote "I love you" on the next two steps.

We were so excited and he was very surprised. 
He cheated and went under it all ha ha! He loved it!

This is the first meal i have made since i got pregnant. Very sad i know!!! Tatter Tot Casserole, it was delicious
Then right on to pampering the king of our home and our hearts! Emma massaged his feet 
and i massaged his back.Then we switched and added some soft tickles. As you can see he is in randy heaven

Emma made him this adorable coupon book! I wish you could see inside! It is so cute with lots of pages full of massages, rubs and tickles. randy used a lot of them today and a lot the next following days. He LOVES those kind of coupons :) 
Then for the entertainment we wrote him a poem. This is the front page

Emma made up the star parts and i made up the pink swirly parts
back page
Randy is the best father and husband!!!! WE love to celebrate him because he is our favorite!!!!!! Thank you sweet husband for being a, great provider, worthy priesthood holder, amazing Dad and my BEST FRIEND! WE LOVE YOU! :)


  1. This is RAD....perfect for a RAD DAD!!!
    (Which is what Brooke calls Mark) :)
    I love every detail...what DAD wouldn't feel like a million bucks after coming home to this! I think every dad needs a father's day..and a daddy day! Good job Kristina!

  2. Wow! you are a super wife and a super mom. Every daughter needs to see their mom put effort into honoring and loving their father. Not only is it fun cause she gets to join in but it's fun cause she is watching you celebrate him. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Good job Tina:)